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Grote zwitserse sennen amber

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

"van Bolondhu"

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Amber (Pedigree) is the name we use for Let Me Be Freyja des Cimes de Caras Galadhon.

Amber was born on 22nd of September 2015 in France. Her mother is A Star is Born av Prinzenhof (Maana) and her father Bonanza the Boss van de Dovondolin (Paco).

 Grote Zwisterse Sennenhond BOB
Amber is the easiest Swissy we have had. She is very sweet and relaxed and very loveable. She loves to be around you and especially on top of you. With new people she can be a bit reserved, but she is over that in a heartbeat. She loves to eat, especially bananas. She likes playing with other dogs. She is not scared of anything. We did the following courses: puppy, basic I, basic II, wintergames, detection, balans & coördination, workshop supping.

She is a big bitch (67cm, 52kg), well muscled not fat. She likes to be outside, sitting under the tree watching.

Amber has fulfilled all requirements for breeding:


ED free

OCD free

Eyes clear (7dec17)

Behaviour test Dutch breed club A

Exterior exam Dutch breed club A

Grote Zwister Amber 2

Grote Zwister AmberSwissy