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Grote zwitserse sennen amber

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

"van Bolondhu"

zwitserse sennen 9

Bandhu is the name of Beta Osyka Eagle van het Groote Vliet.

Bandhu was born on January 20th 2012 in the Netherlands. Her mother was Gaby vom Schleicherteam (Gaby), her father Boskop vom Ellernbruch (Chevy). Bandhu means friend in Hindi.

Bandhu is a very sweet, soft, Swissy with a loud bark! She is arroused very easily and starts barking then. She loves people more than dogs. She is very social with other dogs. She is not big (62cm, 42kg), but ncely proportioned.

Bandhu has a problem with going through doors she don´t know (!) and with slippery surfaces, although with a lot of training this is improving. Bandhu and I have done the following courses: basic I, basic II (only half), balans & coördination, workshop Treiball, workshop Hoopers, mantrailing, detection.

Bandhu will not be bred, she has elbow dysplasia and she has family with epilepsy.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog