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Grote zwitserse sennen amber

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

"van Bolondhu"

zwitserse sennen 9

Blondie van de Vooroever was born September 17th 2008 in the Netherlands. Her mother was Kandy Luna van de Zuiderwaard and her father Fabio-Beau van de Wonneproppen.

Blondie was a completely different Swissy than Bo. Much smaller, a bit shy, but very loving. If Bo did something she wasn´t allowed to, Blondie would tell us. If you petted her, you couldn´t really tell if she liked it or not. Until you stopped, then she would push her nose under your arm, telling you to keep petting her. Blondie was quite a busy puppy, not like Bo. She liked to run circles in the garden. She followed Bo everywhere.

Blondie became really depressed when Bo died. She had problems dealing with everyday life. She was a very senstivie dog. One moment she was such a sweetheart and the other moment (when we saw other dogs) she became really aggressive. We think this was caused by the ovarian tumors she had, which were also the reason we had to let her go at the age of 6,5 years. 

Greater Swiss Mountain dog 2