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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

"van Bolondhu"

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Character of the Swiss Mountain dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was originally used as farmdog, guarddog and for pulling carts. These trades can still be found in the Swissies of today. They should be self assured, guarding but not aggressive, friendly to people they know, reserved to strangers. Despite their height and weight they do have quite some stamina.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is not suitable as kennel dog, they want to be near their owner and working for them. The Swissy needs a consistent upbringing. Their owners need a lot of patience. A swissy tends to get bored easily during training. Therefore it is important to keep the training short and with variety. The Swissy is an independent dog, they don´t have a "will to please" like a German Shepherd. Swissies tend to think "do it yourself", as an onwer you must like that.

Swissies are vigilant dogs. If they don´t trust it, they will bark. This can also be a plastic bag in the tree. If you want a dog that doesn´t bark, don´t get a Swissy. 

Despite their size they are very good with children. They are very good with other animals, if taught as a puppy.

As Swissies were used as pulling dogs, you can imaging that that is something they like to do. So, if you do not want your 50-60kg puppy pulling you across the street, you will have to learn them not to do this. Start as a puppy, don´t let them pull you everywhere and be consistent with this.

In conclusion the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is very friendly dog, a big cuddle bear for which burglars will go away.

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