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Grote zwitserse sennen amber

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

"van Bolondhu"

zwitserse sennen 9


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26 may 2018:
NVAEGZ Kampioenschapsclubmatch, Amber open class, 1 Excellent CAC (2x), Beste Bitch, BOS

13 may 2018:
VDH Europa Sieger Dortmund, Amber open class 1 Excellent, CAC (2x) (VDH), resCAC and resCACIB (SSV)

15 april 2018:
IDS De Utrecht, Amber open class, 2 Very Good

29 march 2018
: Our kennelname has been approved by the Dutch kennelclub and FCI 

9 december 2017: Amsterdam Winnershow, Amber open class 1 Excellent, resCAC, CACIB

4 november 2017: Dogshow Bleiswijk, Amber open class 1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

21 mei 2017: NVAEGZ Kampioenschapsclubmatch, Amber intermediate class 3 Excellent

10 december 2016: Amsterdam Winnershow, Amber youth class, 1 Very Good

5 november 2016: Dogshow Bleiswijk, Amber youth class, 1 Excellent, resCAC

28 mei 2016: NVAEGZ Kampioenschapsclubmatch, Amber puppy class, 1 Very Promising, best pup