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Grote zwitserse sennen amber

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

"van Bolondhu"

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We are Bianca and David, we live in Ter Aar, a small town in the Green Heart of the Netherlands. We live in an old farmhouse together with our 2 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Bandhu and Amber, our cat Romeo and our rooster Charlie and his hens.

We were both raised with dogs. In 2004 we finally had the opportunity to get our own dog, as David started working from home.
After a long search and a episode of Breed All About It on Animal Planet , we fell for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

On March 31st 2004 a litter was born in Switzerland, if we were interested to take one of those puppies home. No doubt about that! In June 2004 we could finally bring our Bo home. And with her beagn our love for the breed.

The name Bolondhu:
Our kennelname is made up of our first 3 Swissies: Bo, Blondie and Bandhu. Although we could not breed them, they were very important to us.

Our goal is to breed helathy dogs with good characters.

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